ज्ञेयं यत् तत् प्रवक्ष्यािम यज्ज्ञात्वामृतमश्नुते


Revashree School strives for academic excellence and an all round development of students through character building inculcating core values of ethics, patriotism, love, compassion and respect for all."
 Revashree public school was established in 2014 by Revashree Shiksha Prasaar Eavum Bahuuddeshiya Samiti Who always hoped to bring a remarkable change in the society.

It is named after the holy river Narmada and as the river Narmada signifies the unstoppable flow of beauty and nature, we would similarly part with the abundant flow of knowledge through our institution.

We not only seek to teach but also to learn “As life is a journey full of learning.” We believe that Education is for all and it shall not be hindered by anything. The school strictly adheres to the rules made by the Central Board Of Secondary Education(CBSE).The school celebrates national festivals with great zeal and patriotism. Revashree also realizes the duty for the environment and thus we Cherish our beautiful gardens with a number of trees and flowers.

Above all our school has extremely dedicated staff who teach children with enormous love and care.
 “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”

—Margaret Mead.

We believe in the Potential that lies in each individual which can be made enormous with proper guidance.We focus to water the creative minds of our children so that they can come out as Extraordinary individuals with Dynamic thoughts through our support to students as they prepare for life beyond school.


Mrs. Tulsi Saxena

Very good teachers and really helpful to my daughter and due to this Pandemic we were worried about how our child would be able to understand the topics but thanks to all teachers for giving their best and thank you so much for all the efforts you all are putting for our child.

Gajendra Singh Rajput

I’m very thankful to all the teachers, principal ma’am and director sir that they are helping our children to continue their studies through online classes during Corona(covid -19) Pandemic.They are able to continue their classes because of the efforts of all the school staff. They are able to continue their classes at home online without going to school.

I am Sona Rajput, mother of Manvi Rajput studying in class 5th of your school. I am totally satisfied with the online classes going on Google meet. I am well aware of the efforts all the teachers put into each child in class. All teachers also give and check homework regularly. All the concept are well understood by my daughter.
All over its a good experience.

Sona Rajput

I am very happy with the school, teachers and staff. Thank you for helping my daughter in improving her learning and confidence. The teacher are good and very helpful. My daughter has learnt a lot of things. Thank you so much.

Revashree Public School is a very good school, I am happy that my child studies in this school. And the school is best among all the schools in our area because this school has enough ground for playing and there is proper sports teacher who teaches the students properly.
And also the way of teaching in this school is good among all the schools in my area. And my child has also shown progress in this school so I can say that
Revashree Public School is Good.

Ramnarayan Patel

I am Sandeep Soni..

I like the school education and all the efforts that the teachers are putting in for the children.
The school has a proper libraries due to which the children are able to read and understand well.
I like the fact that even in the lockdown, proper online classes were organized so that they could study. So that there is no loss.

Mr. Sandeep Soni.
Mrs. Meena Soni

Sandeep Soni

I am samrath patel. According to me online classes held by our school are very good. Our teachers pay attention on all the students during online class. As well as we are able to understand almost everything that is taught in the class. Our teachers check our homework properly.

Samrath Patel

Fully satisfied with the school. Teachers are very hard working. Environment of school is very positive for the students. All the best.

A big thank you to all the teachers and school for all the timely updates and taking such good care of the children.

Seemant Vishwakarma

I am Prakash Soni.
I am very thankful to have my child in your school, and big thanks to the principal and teachers for their best efforts for the students by providing them daily online classes. Teachers check homework on daily basis.

Prakash Soni